The 60 Gallon Air Compressor – Make the Right Choice

When most people consider the uses for air compressors they think of having their tires filled at the oil change place. Well, they are still used in tire and auto shops, to be sure, but their uses extend well beyond the automotive industry. Compressors are employed wherever things need to be inflated, and with the right attachment, can also be used as a high pressure blower to clear dust from computers and debris from the driveway. Air compressors are used to power nail guns, wrenches, and spray guns. And they sure come in handy when the kids need a ball or the inflatable pool blown up! As you shop for air compressors keep the following size guidelines in mind so you’ll end up with a unit that will help you take care of business at home or work.

There are three basic sizes for compressors. Many homeowners will find that a compact unit adequately meets their needs. They are light, small, and  เครื่องอัดอากาศ very portable. There is no air storage tank, so they run continuously while in demand. Many of them are powerful enough for all types of inflation, from auto or mower tires to filling that wading pool. Lighter duty caulk guns or spray guns will run well off compact air compressors.

The next size up includes single stage air compressors that use one piston to compress and pump air to a storage tank. They are usually rated up to 160 psi. These are ideal of DIY enthusiasts and those who want to use their air compressors for keeping hard surfaces like drives and decks free of leaves. They are more than adequate for sporting equipment, paint sprayers, and lighter duty nailers like those used with finishing nails. These compressors usually have a 1.5 to 3.5 horsepower motor and a small to medium sized tank.

Two-stage compressors offer more than 160 p.s.i. and employ two pistons to fill the storage tank. They are the choice of general contractors and roofers, auto mechanics, and those who use them for other commercial and industrial purposes. Most allow more than one piece of equipment or tool to be run off them at once. These units feature motors in the 4.0 to 6.5 horsepower range to tackle the heavier work load. Their air storage tanks are also larger to accommodate more equipment relying on them.

When shopping for one-stage or two-stage compressors you will also need to select between electric-powered and gas-powered units. The advantages of electric are obvious, but if you will typically use the unit on building or other job sites, a gas-powered unit offers much greater versatility. If your budget allows, it never hurts to buy a unit a step bigger than you think you need, so that if your needed capacity increases your air compressor won’t be underpowered. Careful thought about your needs will lead to a good buying decision when it comes to air compressors.


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